• Q.Procedure for Firmware Download on Windows OS
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  • Jan 15, 2015
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    This shows how to download the firmware and copy it in a memory card.

    In this explanation, Windows XP is used as an example to demonstrate the procedure. The procedure is almost the same with other OS versions.


    Note: Prepare a memory card reader/writer or a computer with a memory card slot applicable to the memory card to use.



    (Example) Left: memory card reader/writer, Right: memory card slot

    cardreader  cardslot



    1. Access the Fujififilm website (http://www.fujifilm.com/) and click Support at the top.





    2. Click Download Drivers & Software.





    3. Click Digital Camera Firmware at the top.





    4. Click on your camera model.

    Note: In this explanation, FUJIFILM X-Pro1 is used as an example to demonstrate the procedure.





    5. In the Firmware Update screen that appears, read the contents while scrolling down to the bottom, and then click "I Agree - Begin Download."





    6. Click the file to download FPUPDATE.DAT [xx.xMB*].

    * The file size may differ depending on the model.





    7. Click Save.





    8. Specify where to save the file (usually Desktop or somewhere easy to find) and then click Save.

    Note: Do not change the file name.





    9. Downloading starts. When the file is downloaded, click Close.

    It may take a while before the downloading starts

    Note: If "Close this dialog box when download completes" is selected, this dialog box automatically closes at the completion of downloading.


    Win_09  During downloading


    Win_10  After downloading



    10. The file shown below is created.




    Now the firmware downloading is completed.

    Next, copy the file to a memory card.



    11. Right-click the file and select Copy in the menu displayed.





    12. Connect the memory card reader/writer to the computer, and insert the memory card into the slot.

    If the computer has an available memory card slot, just insert the memory card into the slot.

    Note: Use a memory card formatted by the camera.



    13. Open My Computer, right-click the removal disk icon and select Paste in the menu displayed.





    Now the firmware is downloaded and copied in the memory card.

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