• Q.When a picture is taken using a flash, white spots appear on the image.
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  • Aug 13, 2012
  • A.White spots are out-of-focus particles of dust.

    When taking flash photos with a digital camera, the flash light reflects off dust particles floating in the air and the particles may be captured in pictures.

    Dust particles very close to the the lens are in an out-of-focus state and reflect the light more strongly compared to distant ones. Those particles may be recorded as whitish objects in the shape of the aperture (regular polygon or circular form).
    This phenomenon can be generated relatively easily by taking flash photos in a bedroom immediately after making a bed. In actual photography, this phenomenon frequently occurs in a dusty place such as a building site and construction site. It may also occur when taking outside flash photos while it rains or snows. This phenomenon tends to occur when using a compact digital camera because the flash unit is close to the lens.

    - Light up the surroundings as much as possible and take pictures without using a flash.
    - If a flash unit can be detached from the camera, move the flash unit away from the camera.
    - Take pictures in a place with less dust.

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